Commission & Committee Vacancies/Applications

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Commission, Committee, and Board members serve in an advisory role to help to direct policy by making suggestions and recommendations to the City Council and City staff. This system of commissions is intended to be representative of, and responsive to, the communities they serve.

The recruitment period for vacancies is currently closed. You may submit an application to be considered for future unscheduled vacancies. Applications are kept on file for two years. Submit an application online or contact the City Clerk's Office at to request a hard copy of the application be mailed to you.

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Guidelines for Applicants

To be considered for appointment, an applicant must complete and submit an application. Beyond the submission of an application, the following guidelines are offered to applicants for consideration in approaching the appointment process. Following these guidelines is encouraged but not required. If an applicant does not satisfy one or more guideline, he or she is not automatically disqualified as an applicant. Conversely, following all of the guidelines does not guarantee appointment. It is left to the applicant's discretion as to how he or she chooses to pursue the appointment process.

  • Timely filing of an application for consideration;
  • Providing thoughtful responses to the questions posed on the application;
  • Contacting the Mayor and members of the City Council prior to the meeting at which the appointment will be made to discuss the appointment;
  • Attending a commission or committee meeting;
  • Appearing and speaking at the Council meeting at which the appointment is considered; and
  • Endorsement by community members through materials and comments in support of the applicant at the Council meeting at which the appointment is considered.

The City Council has also considered the following factors to select applicants in order to bring an overall balance in representation on a committee or commission:

  • Seeking geographic representation by district;
  • Evaluating the opportunity to serve or re-apply;
  • A commitment to encourage diversity in representation. 


The application format is the same for most of the committees and commissions. Applications and submitted materials are public records.

The application is primarily intended to collect information about the applicant. An applicant may include any number of additional attachments for inclusion with a submitted application. The City encourages applicants to include additional informational attachments, such as resumes, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and/or introductory letters, if relevant. All applications and submitted supplemental materials are compiled by staff and distributed to the City Council.

The deadline established for applications to be submitted is a procedural deadline to provide time for the City Clerk's Office to compile and distribute applications, verify that applicants meet the requirements to hold the vacant position, and to meet agenda publishing deadlines. When applications are received after the published submittal deadline but still prior to the date of the appointment consideration, those applications are verified, then circulated as staff memos, and included for consideration of the vacancy appointment.

Process of the Appointment Consideration

All appointment considerations are conducted as an agenda item at an open and public meeting of the City Council. Submitted applications are consolidated and forwarded to the full City Council by the Friday prior to the appointment consideration. When the item is heard on the appointment there is an opportunity for public comment which can include comments from prospective applicants, supporters of applicants, standing members of City committees and commissions, and the general public. Each speaker during public comment will have three minutes to speak, or less as determined by the Mayor if a large number of requests are received to speak.

After public comment is received on the appointment consideration, the period for public comment on the matter closes and the City Council then deliberates on the matter. All appointments are made by the mayor, with the approval of the City Council. The mayor announces those individuals for appointment, and with the concurrence of the City Council those appointments are then finalized. Following the appointment consideration item, the City Clerk's Office will contact all applicants with the result of the appointment. For those individuals not selected, their applications remain on file for two years, and they will receive a courtesy notice to apply again for any vacancy openings that may arise in that two-year timeframe on the same committee or commission.


Appointments and reappointments are made every two years. There are no term limits and any member of a board or commission may reapply and seek reappointment during the recruitment period. 

Members appointed to fill an unscheduled vacancy, serve for the remainder of the current term and must reapply during the scheduled recruitment period. 

Training and Filing Requirements for Appointees

Appointees will receive an instruction manual and training from the City regarding open meeting laws (the Brown Act). Certain appointed positions, such as the Planning Commission, will require the filing within 30 days of appointment of a Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Statement of Economic Interests (FPPC Form 700) and will require compliance with state required trainings in public service ethics and anti-harassment.

How to Stay Informed of Vacancy Openings

Notices for unscheduled vacancies are published in the newspaper, posted at City Hall and on the City's website, and the recruitment is advertised through the City's social media communication channels. Prior applicants, or individuals who have submitted an interest to serve, are provided a courtesy notice when a recruitment is initiated. The City website also provides an option for individuals to sign up for an email notice when vacancy opportunities are posted on the City website. The average recruitment timeframe is approximately one month from authorization to consideration of appointment.

In even numbered years after the election for the seat of mayor has concluded, the City Clerk is initiates a recruitment for the positions, and the appointment consideration is scheduled for the meeting in January or the first meeting in February. Appointment considerations may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Applicants will be notified by the City Clerk's Office is a delay occurs.

Questions Regarding the Application or Appointment Consideration Process

Please contact the City Clerk's Office at or 916-617-4500.