A Transportation Permit

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Temporary Changes to Underpass Clearance 

Caltrans has issued two Notices of Change in Clearance or Bridge Weight Rating to the City. These temporary changes affect West Capitol Avenue undercrossing of Interstate 80 between Garnet Street and Northport Drive and the Reed Avenue undercrossing of Interstate 80 between Stillwater Road and Riverpoint Drive/Ikea Court. The changes in clearance are projected to last until Mid-July, 2024.

Reed Ave - Form-TR0019 Reed

West Capitol Ave - Form-TR0019 WCA

Transportation Permits (T-Permits) are required in West Sacramento for all Extralegal or Oversize loads. To be eligible for an oversize/overweight (or "extralegal") permit, the main criterion is that the load be non-reducible, meaning that it cannot be reduced down and transported in a legal vehicle. 

A T-permit is required any time a vehicle and/or vehicle load is larger than 8’6” width, 14’ height, 40’ length (single unit) or 65’ length (combo unit). T-Permits are issued on a single trip or annual basis, and are enforced by City police and the California Highway Patrol.

Transportation Permits are only issued upon payment of the permit application fee, and after the planned route and vehicle load have been examined for possible safety and traffic conflicts by the City's T-Permit Administrator. 


Permit Applications                                                

Single Trip Permit (5 Days) $16
Annual Permit (Unlimited Trips) $90


Right click and save the forms to your computer. Then open in them in Adobe Acrobat Reader, fill them out, "e-sign" only the "Applicant Signature" field, and click the "Submit" button. Do not "e-sign" the "Authorized City Agent" field. Save, then, press the "Submit" button. If the "Submit" button does not work, send the file as an e-mail attachment to:


Please do not print and scan the application form.


Checks sent by US mail are preferred. When paying by check, Applicants MUST include the check number on each permit application where indicated. All checks MUST include a cover letter that says what the check is for. DO NOT send a check in an envelope with nothing else.
Return and frequent applicants may establish a draw-down account at a minimum of $500.00 per deposit.  The City reserves the right to refuse approval of any new T-Permit application(s) if a permittee has failed to submit full payment for prior permits. 


Send checks to:

Transportation Permits 

c/o Community Development Department

1110 West Capitol Avenue, 2nd Floor

West Sacramento, CA 95691

Cash and credit card payments may be made in person at the Community Development Department by appointment only.

How to Submit a Transportation Permit Application

We've gone paperless! 

 Please use the Single Permit and Annual Permit forms to submit your request by email. Simply fill out the PDF Application form and click "SUBMIT" once you've completed all required fields (or attach the filled PDF to an email to send). T-Permit Applications, Status Checks, or other related questions should be sent by e-mail to transportation@artbyarmarmory.com.

Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader is available here: http://www.adobe.com/acrobat/pdf-reader.html

As of January 2019, the City no longer accepts faxed or hard copy permit submittals. All permit applications must be submitted in the proper fillable PDF format to be processed.

Single Permits will be returned by e-mail to the sender of the application. An original copy of Annual Permits will still be sent to the permittee by US Mail, and an electronic copy will also be e-mailed to the Applicant confirming that the permit has been processed.

An approved T-Permit, along with any required Conditions or Accompaniments MUST be carried by the permittee in the vehicle to which it refers at all times while the vehicle is being moved within the city limits and shall be open to inspection by any peace officer, traffic officer, or any officer or employee charged with the care and protection of such streets and highways (CVC 35783). Permits carried without the required conditions may be considered invalid. 

It is also understood and agreed by the permittee that all conditions have been read, and understood. The permittee agrees to comply with all conditions. Applicants are responsible for verifying the accuracy of ALL information on each Permit.

Other Transportation Permit Instructions 

For movement over state highways, permits must be obtained from the Caltrans Transportation Permit Branch. For additional information on STAA routes or other truck related issues, visit:  www.dot.ca.gov/hq/traffops/trucks/

For urgent inquiries or permit status checks, please contact Steven Rosen, Associate Transportation Planner, at (916) 617-5043 or at transportation@artbyarmarmory.com